Improve Team Agility.

StoreX allows for real-time collaboration for teams of all sizes, from sub-regional strike teams to country-wide programs.

Real-time updates.

A powerful sync engine ensures two-way communication between field teams and administrators. Updates made to jobs, surveys or stores can be pushed to teams in real time without the need to pause in-progress work, while StoreX’s background sync ensure continual updates for administrators.

Enhanced team communication.

Push messages and notifications to your teams as they work in the field using StoreX. Message individual people or entire teams from our intuitive and easy to use interface. Teams see the updates automatically on their devices, even if they aren’t working on a project right at that moment.

Planning, simplified.

Whether you focus on one-time projects or ongoing continuity visits, StoreX can help you plan and execute your work. Once you create visits within StoreX, decide whether to schedule them for immediate completion or for a date in the future, improving your ability to plan and execute work.

Configurable permissions.

Have a role-based team where different people need access to different functionality? StoreX allows you to set up your own roles and permissions, giving everyone the access they need to get the job done right.

Question and Survey Bank.

Say goodbye to re-building the same survey or re-writing the same questions over and over again. With StoreX, copying, making edits, and re-distributing new surveys is easy, and commonly used questions are stored in a helpful repository to minimize re-work.