Following the historical trend of building additional capabilities for customers, Mobitor has just released new functionality geared toward product and promotional launches. This new capability will be available to all current and future customers as part of the StoreX platform.


Launching a new promotion or product is a challenging endeavor. Ensuring that the launch itself goes according to plan and any challenges are quickly addressed is even more challenging. With StoreX, companies can now get real-time feedback from in-store teams regarding set up and execution of all materials and products.


With Mobitor’s real-time dashboard, leadership can stay updated on performance at a global level or zoom in to understand variances between stores. Companies no longer need to wait days or weeks to get feedback, this data is available instantly so teams can course-correct during the launch to maximize return.


Check out how one client leveraged this capability to realize a 20% increase in sales across an entire retail chain. Read the full case study here.