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A library of case studies, product guides, customer testimonials and other resources useful for those looking to learn more about Mobitor or the products that we offer

Retail Case Studies

Measuring Store Compliance

This $35B Retailer leverages StoreX to conduct store audits, analyze critical KPIs, capture pricing data, and compliance information across their network of stores.

Case Study Image_4

Ensuring Merchandising Success

This consumer electronics company leverages StoreX to conduct store audits, analyze critical KPIs, perform maintenance, and capture compliance across all retailers.

Case Study Image_2

Promotion Launch and Execution

This global brand leveraged StoreX to measure promotion launch and execution across over 1,000 doors in just 48 hours.

Medical Case Studies

Case Study Image_TL1

Orthopedics Manufacturing

A global orthopedic manufacturer utilizes Mobitor to streamline their field operations, maintain transparency, and maximize rep efficiency.

Spine Manufacturing

A growing spine manufacturer uses Mobitor to manage their consignment inventory as they continue their rapid growth.

Media Library

Case Study Image_XSMNFB: Camera Scanning
StoreX and SOPIC can now scan barcodes using the built-in camera on your mobile phone or tablet! 
Case Study Image_XSMNFB: Advanced Time Tracking
StoreX now automatically timestamps all activities within a store to support accurate T&E submissions and client billing 
Case Study Image_XSMNFB: Media Locker 
Push videos, documents and images (e.g., training, marketing or job-support materials) directly to rep devices in real time.
StoreXGuidePic StoreX Feature Guide 
Detailed guide explaining the features and benefits of Mobitor’s StoreX Retail Data Collection software
InfographicIconModern Merchandising Infographic 
Strategic comparison between modern and traditional merchandising 

Integration Partners

Mobitor’s software is engineered to connect to a set of standard ERP platforms that our customers use. We have “out of the box” integrations with the following companies, and can develop additional integrations if necessary


Customer Testimonials

A relentless focus on making our customer’s lives easier means that we get great feedback from the users, administrators and sponsors of our product. See for yourself why our customers love us so much

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