StoreX Express

Say Hello to StoreX Express.
Purpose-built for BYOD teams, StoreX express is the most intuitive way to capture field intelligence.

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Mobitor Announces Product Launch Capabilities

Following the historical trend of building additional capabilities for customers, Mobitor has just released new functionality geared toward product and promotional launches. This new capability will be available to all current and future customers as part of the StoreX platform.


Launching a new promotion or product is a challenging endeavor. Ensuring that the launch itself […]

FAQ – What does it mean to be “Mobile First”?

We get this question a lot. So many companies are “mobile friendly” or “mobile enabled,” so what does it really mean to have a “mobile first” application?

Simply put, mobile first means designed and built specifically for a smartphone or tablet. The entire user experience, interface and layout was intended for a mobile platform, not a conversion […]

3 Things Every Grocery Retailer Should Practice


In the ever competitive world of grocery it is essential for companies to create an Experience of Excellence (EoE) for their customers. EoE isn’t something revolutionary; it is simply a resurgence of fundamental operating standards and themes that have become even more critical in a world where the traditional grocery store has […]

In Store Experience: They Key to Beating Amazon

Most of us that walked into a retail store on Black Friday were likely un-aware of the months of planning and execution leading up to that point by brands and retailers alike. Eye-popping signage, perfectly manicured fixtures, and fully stocked displays adorned the aisles of your favorite stores. None of these things happened by […]